Jodi Case RMT- Founded Village Massage Therapy in 2006. Jodi has a great amount of experience in helping people feel their best, and relieve their pain. She will not only massage you, but educate you on how to improve posture, exercises to do at home and how to take care of your acute or chronic pain. If she can’t help you, she will refer you to someone who can. She excels at making sure you are comfortable at all times during your massage. After giving birth to 2 beautiful girls, Jodi found she loves to work with pregnant woman and newmothers. She loves to empower them, and support them with any changes that they may be going through. Her extended education in this area allows her to feel confident when treating expecting mothers. She recently purchased an orthopedic pregnancy cushion that is so comfortable, and allows pregnant mothers to lay face down. So exciting! When Jodi is not focused on massage therapy,you will find her at the soccer field with her family. She also enjoys doing yoga daily. 

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Vicki Dekker RMT-  After growing up in Point Edward, Vicki went to school locally and graduated from  the massage therapy program at Lambton College in 2003.  She loves to be able to provide pain relief,  especially for sports related injuries, she always encourages people to continue to live an active lifestyle. Over the years she has perfected her touch, and often is able to incorporate effective muscle stripping within a relaxation massage. Vicki's sweet demeanor can brighten anyone's day. Vicki loves to spend time outdoors, walking or playing baseball. In the winter you will find her at the hockey arena cheering her boys on.

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